Update 3.0.1: EXTERMINATE

Okaga Update2

These bugs are really crawling under my skin!

Minor bug fixes so that your game doesn’t crash and burn immediately.

Get the update from the homepage.

Enjoy the Canadsian Bacon!

Update 3.0: The Big Ol’ Update

Kagemi Update2

So much has changed! How will I get home now?!

It is time for another update! A really really big one! One to break away from the 2s and into the 3s! So here are some things that I’ve added, if you haven’t been keeping track of the news posts lately:

  • New towns/zones/areas!
  • New quest journal!
  • New quests!
  • Old quests updated!
  • An intro cutscene!
  • Lighting effects and game time!
  • Battle cut-ins!
  • New items!
  • Enchanting scene!
  • Automatic brewing and experience-getting and smithing!
  • Professions!
  • New save menu!
  • New version number on the title screen!
  • Okaga’s story finished! Activate it by going to Aridar University and reading and picking up The Legend of Okaga.
  • Soul snatching script (written by myself!)
  • Bug fixes!
  • Much more!

This update is the biggest update ever! It’s basically an entire revamp of Knowledge Hunters!

Get the latest update from the home page.

Enjoy the Canadsian Bacon!

The Day Before the Update (Again!)

I know you guys have probably been waiting forever for this upcoming update…but I’ve added even more since my last “upcoming update” post! I’ve added so much I don’t even remember how much I’ve added! I’ll just briefly touch on what I’ve added since then:

  • Lighting effects!
  • Keep track of game time!
  • New battle cut-ins I made for everyone!
  • Finally, an intro!
  • Okaga’s story is finished!
  • A soul snatching script (Kind of like in the Elder Scrolls series, Soul Trap/Soulgems)
  • New quest journal!
  • New quests!
  • A new place called Raeranea!
  • Version numbers!

And now, look at all these sneak peek screenshots of the aforementioned features!Falith Battle Cut-In Intro Cutscene Kagemi Battle Cut-In Lighting and Game TimeOkaga's Story

Check out that sweet version number, yo
Check out that sweet version number, yo

The only reason why I’m not releasing the update today is because I haven’t made Steel’s battle cut-in yet. But other than that, it’s pretty much finished and set for a new version of Knowledge Hunters!

Once it’s done, don’t forget to grab an update from the homepage!

Enjoy the current Canadsian Bacon!