Kagemi Wallpaper Title SizeKagemi

Kagemi is a young girl who is always on the move. But one day, she realizes that she once had a home, and she needs to go find it again. Although the village called Thaloth that she visits so much is what others consider her home, she knows it’s not. And that’s what she’s looking for, anyway–her true, original home.

Reiko Wallpaper Title SizeReiko

Reiko is a young woman who fell off a cliff and got amnesia. She knows she’s somewhat important, wearing a knight uniform and having great, instinctual skills she doesn’t know she had. She seeks knowledge about her life and skills before she became an amnesiac. When her life was “good.”


Okaga is a secretive fallen angel. She always talks about how her wings enhanced her life…if she knows she can trust you. The knowledge she’s seeking is all about how her life would be like if she could fly again. If she could trust the world and sky beyond enough to fly away and go on her own, unaccompanied by anyone.

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