The credits for the artwork, scripts, etc. are now on the LiveBinder.

To start this off, thank you, beta testers, you rock!

Joseph: I’m so glad you’re so enthusiastic about this game and I’m sorry I keep forgetting to give you the updates. You have to remind me to do that.

Annika: Thanks so much for being enthusiastic, too, and even going so far as to make fanart for this game. Also, thank you for your suggestions and your fourth-wall breaking comic moments that I just HAD to put in the game.

Clay: Your suggestions and ideas fueled me and helped keep me going. I think it was you who inspired me to make a random encounter in the starting town. But it wasn’t a snail, it was a…badger? I don’t remember.

Olivia: Thank you for giving me your awesome suggestions and your quotes for the monk class. Also, thank you for wanting to be in the game, because your merchant character is awesome.

Drew: Thank you for being interested in my game and for spreading word about it! You should totally be on the marketing team if this thing ever goes anywhere.

Mrs. Henriquez: When you do get the chance to play it, I hope you enjoy it! I’m glad you at least showed interest, though!

Cole: I’ll put you in the game soon. You should probably play it in the meantime

Aaron: When you get around to playing it, let me know what you think and I’ll end up changing this acknowledgement probably maybe. In the meantime, you’re going down in here because you’re awesome and like a really great friend ok this is getting lengthy oops

Everyone else: Thank you for sticking by me (or even if you didn’t, thanks for showing some sign of interest in this game) even when I don’t update or even have some tutorial/introduction and throw you in the middle of the story expecting you to have a handle on how things work. I promise it will get better.

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