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Update 2.2.4: The Shota-chan Update

Kagemi Update2Rise and shine, it’s time for a barrel of laughs!

This was supposed to be a teeny tiny update, but it just grew from there!

  • Lots of bug fixes!
  • New steal script for your thieves!
  • Now Falith has more functionality! (but back off he’s mine)
  • Canadsa has a costume shop now!
  • Japanada added!
  • Russia makes everyone jump off the screen!
  • Crononono!
  • There’s probably more but I forgot!

Enjoy the Canadsian bacon!

If you are playing for the first time, grab it on the home page.

If not, just download this! If it works, this is how I’ll do it from now on.

The Day Before The Update!

It’s the day before the update, which is an awful lot, but I still need your help. If you take the time to fill out this form, then that’d help a lot. Of course, I probably won’t have all of this done by tomorrow, but it’d help for future updates! Thank you!

Update 2.2.2!

Okaga Update2Yay! New update! There’s quite a lot! Today, we have:

  • A new banking system! Deposit, withdraw, take out loans, or store your items! The bank is in Canadsa!
  • Lots of bug fixes! No more words running off the screen after a battle!
  • New special thing at the recruitment center in Veashe!
  • New training opportunities and quotes for your mercenaries!
  • This isn’t really game-related but new update picture!

Enjoy the Canadsian bacon!

Grab a copy on the homepage!

Update 2.2.1

Okaga UpdateIt’s November, and guess what time it is? Update time! In this update:

  • Woo! New logo! Thanks Ciruscat!
  • Lots of bug fixes! Now the game won’t crash every time you walk into an inn or something.
  • The mercenary system is back! It’s less complicated since I couldn’t get the scripts to be compatible with each other, so it’s all evented.
  • New mercenary graphics! There’s one for every type of class. I would put one for every class, but that’s 20 face graphics and character spritesheets, and that’s kind of a hassle.

Enjoy the Canadsian bacon!

Grab yourself a fresh new 2.2.1 update on the home page.


Feedback and things

Chappystick said:


Whoops…yeah, can’t do Mac-compatible stuff yet. Sorry :/

– Kagemi (Admin #1)

Oh! D: Sorry!

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do at the time. We’ll let you know if we ever find out how to make them compatible, though!

Thank you for your feedback!

– Reiko (Admin #2)

Some life updates…

Hi! I know lately I haven’t been updating much, but don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned the game! Yes, I am aware of some of the bugs that have shown up, and I’ll fix them as soon as I can. I have a new computer now, and it’s a MacBook Pro, so I don’t have RPG Maker on there, and I haven’t been using my other computer lately because it’s kind of slow. However, I’m going to put Windows on my MacBook so I can get RPG Maker on there. Also, school is keeping me busy and I have recently been on a 3-day cruise, so that’s also why I haven’t been updating. So don’t worry, I will keep working on it! Just be patient and have fun with the current version!

I swear…

…these guys all have amnesia. I mean, just look at them! Kagemi can’t remember where her home is, Reiko just plain has amnesia, and Okaga can’t remember what it was like with her wings. Not intended, I swear! It just…happened that way. THEY’VE ALL GOT AMNESIA!!! *headcanon because even though I created the game and could make it canon if I wanted*