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Update 3.0.1: EXTERMINATE

Okaga Update2

These bugs are really crawling under my skin!

Minor bug fixes so that your game doesn’t crash and burn immediately.

Get the update from the homepage.

Enjoy the Canadsian Bacon!

Update 3.0: The Big Ol’ Update

Kagemi Update2

So much has changed! How will I get home now?!

It is time for another update! A really really big one! One to break away from the 2s and into the 3s! So here are some things that I’ve added, if you haven’t been keeping track of the news posts lately:

  • New towns/zones/areas!
  • New quest journal!
  • New quests!
  • Old quests updated!
  • An intro cutscene!
  • Lighting effects and game time!
  • Battle cut-ins!
  • New items!
  • Enchanting scene!
  • Automatic brewing and experience-getting and smithing!
  • Professions!
  • New save menu!
  • New version number on the title screen!
  • Okaga’s story finished! Activate it by going to Aridar University and reading and picking up The Legend of Okaga.
  • Soul snatching script (written by myself!)
  • Bug fixes!
  • Much more!

This update is the biggest update ever! It’s basically an entire revamp of Knowledge Hunters!

Get the latest update from the home page.

Enjoy the Canadsian Bacon!

The Day Before the Update (Again!)

I know you guys have probably been waiting forever for this upcoming update…but I’ve added even more since my last “upcoming update” post! I’ve added so much I don’t even remember how much I’ve added! I’ll just briefly touch on what I’ve added since then:

  • Lighting effects!
  • Keep track of game time!
  • New battle cut-ins I made for everyone!
  • Finally, an intro!
  • Okaga’s story is finished!
  • A soul snatching script (Kind of like in the Elder Scrolls series, Soul Trap/Soulgems)
  • New quest journal!
  • New quests!
  • A new place called Raeranea!
  • Version numbers!

And now, look at all these sneak peek screenshots of the aforementioned features!Falith Battle Cut-In Intro Cutscene Kagemi Battle Cut-In Lighting and Game TimeOkaga's Story

Check out that sweet version number, yo
Check out that sweet version number, yo

The only reason why I’m not releasing the update today is because I haven’t made Steel’s battle cut-in yet. But other than that, it’s pretty much finished and set for a new version of Knowledge Hunters!

Once it’s done, don’t forget to grab an update from the homepage!

Enjoy the current Canadsian Bacon!

Upcoming Update, Life Updates, & Showing Off My Newfound Mapping Skill

Alrighty! As you might have noticed, the last update I put out was only a few bug fixes because a lot of people at school were asking for it and it wouldn’t work for anyone if I didn’t release at least that one bug fix, so I was in a bit of a hurry. I originally wanted to release other features with that, too, but I decided to wait until later to release them. Here’s where I’ll tell you what to expect when I’m finally done!

But first, a bit of a life update. I have only like 1 week of school left, so finals and study guides and ugh. I don’t really have all that much time to squeeze in Knowledge Hunters, so there will be a slight delay in releasing things.

Here it is on the world map.
Welcome to Naele!

Second of all, before I go really in-depth into all the new features and such, I want to show off the newest town in Knowledge Hunters, a nice traveling merchants’ outpost known as Naele. I’m showing it off now because I’m very proud of my mapping achievements. Here’s the whole town:Map072Here’s my crowning achievement, The Enchanted Assassin (the inn/pub on the far left):Map073I tried to make it look as close to the little world map version as possible. Yeah, this is the town that’s been sitting there doing nothing the whole time that I totally didn’t forget about until now. Cute, huh? Almost done! Although this thing took me soooo long…

Okay, now on to the new features! I’ll try to get everything that’s new, but there’s so much that I think I’ll miss one. Well, if I forget one, it’s probably not that important anyway, so don’t worry too much.

Screenshot9Check out the battle system now! Now there’s an animated portrait of the character whose turn it is. So far only Kagemi and Reiko have working portraits, and Okaga’s is a little off. Everyone else doesn’t have one yet, but I’m hoping to get to them eventually.Screenshot10 You’ve seen the loot menu before, but I’m mainly pointing out the new items here. So far Spider Skulls don’t really do anything, but if you’re lucky enough to get a Venom Sac, you can enchant your weapons with it and make them even more powerful! I’ll get more into that in a second. But yeah, more enemy drops so that they’re not all completely useless!Screenshot18Here’s our enchantment scene. Here we have a Hornet Stinger (dropped from a hornet, obviously), and we can put that into our Katana, Elemental Cloak, Wood Staff, whatever appears on the left. The Enhancers section lets you insert your different enhancers and the Traits section underneath it tells you what gets enhanced.Screenshot13If you have more than one party member, you can use some of the things in Kagemi’s house such as the auto-brewing station (today’s example) or the research bookshelf or the sword rack. I’ll talk more about the auto-brewing station later since it’s going to be our example. The research bookshelf is located in the downstairs library and lets you get research if you’re patient and can wait 30 minutes for your selected party member to finish. The sword rack can be used for getting loot and sometimes Kno, if you can wait 15 minutes for your selected party member to finish. Screenshot19Oh, and before you can do any of that, you must be at least level 5 in Brewing to auto-brew, level 3 in Researching to research, and level 2 in Hunting to hunt. If you want to check your levels, go to the downstairs library and go to the desk with a ton of papers on it. It will take you to the Professions menu, where you can see your discovered professions and your levels.Screenshot14Anyway, back to auto-brewing. So basically, once you’ve chosen a party member, they leave the party and stay at their stations until the timer runs out and you talk to them again. In this case, brewing takes 30 seconds, so the timer has been set for 30 seconds and the party member will stay there for the full 30 seconds plus the time it takes for the player to go back and talk to them to retrieve the things they’ve come up with.Screenshot15When you do go back and talk to the party member, they’ll give you either their special potion or their special poison (selected at random). Their special potion can only be used in battle, since it will give you specialized buffs. Their special poison is an enhancer and therefore can be inserted into your weapons/armor via the enchantment scene. (Sorry if my entire explanation didn’t make any sense, I’m tired)

Thanks to DekitaRPG, all of the map names are animated and pretty (also special thanks to ShinGamix for the beautiful backgrounds). Now they’re aesthetically pleasing instead of dull and boring.Screenshot11Last, but certainly not least, is Yanfly’s Ace Save Menu. A fancier menu for those fancy folks who appreciate a lot of information at a glance. This means you’ll have to get rid of your old save files, I’m afraid.

Also, sometime in the future (not  the next update), I’ll have the CSCA Encyclopedia up and running. If you don’t know what that is yet, you will next time.

That should be all! Thanks for reading this entire thing if you did, or if you didn’t, thanks for at least probably looking it over once maybe!

Enjoy the Canadsian bacon!



Update 2.2.3

Reiko Update2

Another update, eh? Well, I guess it’s about time, anyway. Say, what’s this one about this time?

ARE YOU READYYYYYY FOR THE MOST AMAZING UPDATE EVERRRRRR?????? Well too bad. This isn’t the most amazing update, but is sure is amazing. Let’s take a peek at what’s in this update, shall we?

  • Bugs fixed! You can go into the Aridar University Lab again! Ryvus will no longer be a stalker and show up in your home before she’s in your party! Party members sitting at home won’t stare off into space questioning their sanity!
  • Introducing Canada and America! Go to the abandoned fortress on the second Island of Shalar (the sandy island where Zanae is located; just go north) and Mini Matthew and Mini Alfred will be there!
  • Yum yum yum, what’s this? AN ENEMY HEALTH BAR SCRIPT, YOU SAY????? Yeah, that’s right. Now you can see how beaten your enemies are.
  • Also, Kagemi can go out with Falith now. Thanks Annika for having the hots for him
  • There’s a dude in Tholate Pub with some nice information for you.
  • The Demon God now has a name.
  • Enemy levels, slightly different battle system, blabbity blabbity blab.
  • Is there anything else I’m missing? No? Okay. In case I am, I’m just gonna say there’s more for you.

If you’ve got any bugs with this update, please don’t hesitate to let me know! Plus, I need something to do for the next update.

Grab yourself a shiny new copy of KH 2.2.3 today!

Enjoy the Canadsian bacon!


Kagemi UpdateOkay guys, sit down for this one because it’s a MASSIVE UPDATE! Yes. I have been working on my game literally all day today. So now, you guys get a day-after-update-release-update because I’m cool like that.

  • Bug fixes! (fixed dialogue errors, fixed Frostbite, etc.)
  • Added a new Superstore to Zanae! Because what’s a city without a superstore?
  • Compressed sprites! Now there aren’t twenty-something individual sprites clogging up the folder.
  • New characters! (coughcough Crystal Quest cameo coughcough)
  • Reiko’s storyline finished! Now, if you so choose, you can guide Reiko to find her memories or something or whatever.
  • omg canadsian bacon hahaha (fixed stuff in Canadsa)

Grab yourself a nice shiny copy of 2.2 today on the home page!

Happy Halloween and enjoy that spooky Canadsian bacon!


Happy Halloween! Update 2.1.2!

Reiko UpdateYay, another update! Yeah, this update isn’t Halloween-themed, but I left a little surprise for you guys in Canadsa~!

  • A bunch of new people who hang out in Canadsa (including a limited edition character who gives you info about the game which is actually me)
  • A girl that you can shop with in Tholate
  • Randomized sales in Items 2 Brew of Tholate! 😀
  • Sadly, I couldn’t fix the bugs in the aftermath dialogue, so you’ll have to still deal with that for a while ^_^’

Enjoy the Canadsian bacon!

Get the new update on the home page!

Update 2.1!

Okaga UpdateYep, I’m finally keeping track of these things with numbers…

Anyhoo, teeny update this time!

Just changed the title screen to something that looks FANTASTIC! Also, there are wallpapers for you in the Extras page! …I still haven’t fixed any bugs though. Sorry ^_^’

Grab yourself a nice and dandy new Knowledge Hunters 2.1 on the front page!